Life just isn't easy for sistas lately….

We’re trying to do it all while looking like we’re not doing anything. We’re like ducks. On the surface everything is calm and serene but under the water their feet are paddling for dear life. We are striving to be everything to everyone in our lives and the truth is that’s impossible. Yet we keep trying. It’s why we are exhausted and suffering from illnesses at higher rates than any other population.

We are killing ourselves trying to be super women.

This society is full of dangers for our families and us. We rightfully worry whenever our loved ones or we leave the house because this society is not a nurturing place, danger lurks and this knowledge creates extra stress for WOC. This stress leads to mental, emotional and physical illness.

The voice of fear is repetitive. It nags at you, telling you that your worst fears are actually reality, not just thoughts in your head. It drains your strength and steals the joy from your relationships and life in general. How can you relax when the worst is on its way? That voice tells you that you are unworthy, there’s something wrong with you, your dreams will never come true, and all that you love will be taken from you… Additionally you may live in a mental world filled with regret and sadness over the road not taken. Whether it’s anxiety or depression that is dominating your thoughts, it’s time to change the messages! The time has come for you to start hearing a different story; one that fills you with hope and faith in yourself and your life.

Together we will identify all the thoughts that are disempowering, clear out the self-judgments that lead you to believe you are not worthy of a blissful, hopeful existence. You will cultivate peace and stability even in the face of raging external storms.


While doing therapy is fulfilling for me,

I yearn to serve in a more personal way than therapy allows for.

I want to work with women interested in committing to the radical work of living their most blissful lives.

I will support you by teaching you tools which help you to respond to events in your life rather than react. You can face unpleasant experiences with calm, detachment, never losing your inner grounding and confidence. Through our work together, you will experience increased faith in your ability to know what's best for you and face challenges without self destructing. No more indecisiveness or uncertainty. You will finally be able to experience the bliss of living the life your spirit has always dreamed of.

Your relationships will improve along with your ability to be fully present in the moment with the people in your life. They will experience the authentic you that they’ve been longing to know. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing you are loved for who you truly are. Are you ready to step into your new, blissful life?

Who's the person behind


I am a woman who has been were you are. I've felt that deep longing to have a bliss-filled life but lacked the faith in myself to manifest it.

I paid coaches to teach me how to manifest the life I dreamed of who were absolutely not qualified to teach anyone anything. I had to figure it out on my own. At that point I started to implement the teachings I learned in grad school to my own life. Go figure, IT WORKED! lol

I changed my mindset, unapologetically implemented firm boundaries in my relationships, created a vision for my future and took the steps necessary to manifest an entirely new life. It was simple but absolutely not easy. The thing that made the biggest difference was support.


You experience life differently when you are no longer at the mercy of painful memories and imaging.

Life coaching allows us to connect on a woman-to-woman level. The one aspect I enjoy the most about coaching is my ability to share the ways I’ve overcome certain challenges, with my clients. I am able to be your coach and your friend which is NOT an option when I'm in the therapist role. As a coach, I don’t hide who I am from you while asking you to open up yourself to me.

Supporting women of color is my passion. I’m thankful that I’ve found work that is both fulfilling and meaningful. I’m able to help people change their lives and as we all know when you heal a woman you heal the nation. I’m so thankful I get to do such amazing and powerful work.

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