Are You Ready to Rediscover your Inner peace, Vison, and Joy?

Does this sound like you?

• Feeling discontent with the life you used to love

• Questioning your past choices
• Confused and questioning why you failed to manifest the life you thought you would have by now
• Confusion about “who am I” beyond the roles you've been assigned.
• Angry because of years of trying to fulfill the expectations of others or wanting their approval, in lieu of pursuing your own wishes or dreams
• Yearning for the early years, wanting to retreat rather than move forward


If this resonates with you, you've found your new team member. I'm team YOU and my support begins as soon as you click the button below.

I struggled to have self-compassion. I wasn't really aware of it in those terms but knew that I struggled to allow myself to fail or even acknowledge negative feelings without beating myself up. Since working with Ana María I am able to receive compassion from others and to offer it to myself.

Crystal N.

It's all eyes on you and you make it look FLAWLESS!

Settling is NOT an option.

But sometimes you wish it was. 

You make it look easy but what if I told you that it actually could feel easy? It can. With the right support and practices, you'll be authentically flawless and blissful in no time.

I know you've got it going on. You slay your goals and do more before 9 am than most folks do in 3 days. But is this you too?

  • Yearning for deeper fullfillment
  • Life feels like you're on a hamster wheel
  • Relationships feel surface and empty
  • Plain ol' exhausted
  • Dreaming of a bigger, brighter future

Everything you are longing for is within your reach. You just have to choose to invest in you for a while. Are you ready?

“I believe in the power of the human spirit and its connection to the divine. We all have the ability to grow and thrive. My role is to support clients in tapping into that power. I am a support and guide, but they are the catalyst for bliss and wellness.”

– Ana María Serrano

In a world full of noise, responsibilities and general busyness, it can be a challenge to stop, evaluate where you are, and identify the areas in which you need to seek healing and transformation.

Ana María brings years of experience to the table, helping women to cut through the noise and change their thoughts in order to elevate their lives.

Guiding you through practices, including mindfulness, yoga, mindful eating, and meditation, she'll help you to increase your energy levels, inner peace, external success, and overall well-being, so life feels full, rewarding, and enjoyable again.

I didn't have much self-confidence which meant I felt something was wrong with me and that I was unworthy of any and everything. Working with Ana María allowed me to develop more self-confidence and trust in myself. 

For a long time, I wasn't able to look at myself and feel love and compassion for me! After we worked together I started to do more things that made me feel good in my body like working out, eating better, getting dressed up, etc. I even lost a few pounds.
Work with Ana Maria. Take the chance and dive in with an open mind and you will NOT regret it.
LaTina D.